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Customer Comments

Empire music was recommended to me by my daughter who is a music teacher and I was very happy with the Christmas presents I bought for my daughter (mostly drums). The customer service was excellent and the shipping was super-fast and I will definitely be buying more gifts from Empire for my very musical three year old.

Love the quick delivery and variety of products!

I love Empire music - the service, the catalogue, the website, the large selection of instruments thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful service. I have been a music teacher for 20 years and I always check your site first.

I am a music therapist and I recommend empire music whenever my clients ask where all my instruments are from since they all look great quality. The website could be more organized. The categories on the left are confusing, it can be cleaner. And sometimes I found popular things are out of stock for a while and they come back. I would like a notification on the website (when approximately in stock again) .

Would love it if you had a showroom. Although I loved the products I bought I would have liked to try them out before I bought them. But I loved the set of bells I bought and have had many parents tell me how great they are.

I appreciate your no-hassle return policy....makes internet shopping less scary. Knowing when your big sales are coming farther ahead of time would be helpful ;) Even if we knew the time of year, like an annual spring sale, that would help when you are dealing with an inner-city tight school budget and want to get the most bang for your buck.

Better selection in printed matter would be welcome

I love your selection of early childhood musical instruments and have not found the choice and prices better anywhere else. Speed of shipping is also excellent!

Instruments are of good quality. More sales please!

Thank you for your ardent replies and very swift deliveries. I am happy to be able to purchase some sale items and appreciate that you prepare these on a weekly basis. I hope there will be more bass xylophones made of wood, ukuleles and a big gong. I am looking forward to the next sale!!

Always been well pleased with the product, service and shipping; have recommended Empire to others, especially to students of percussion and those I have given bodhran lessons to.

Disappointed with the lack of ukuleles in your last catalogue.

I have always been impressed with Empire Music, and will continue to recommend their products to my music colleagues

I heard about your business from a music educator. But your catalogue was immediately appealing to me as a person who plays music with friends on Wednesday nights. I think there’s huge potential for your business among ardent amateurs and pro musicians. Good Luck!

Occasionally the website interaction is slow. The xylophone I purchase for our classes does not come up with my searches, I have to enter the exact code number in order to find it which is a little frustrating. Everything else has been great.

I’d love to see Empire supporting Music Makes Us: Coalition for Music Education through fundraising and awareness raising at a time when school music programs threatened across country

I do like having a copy of your catalogue. I prefer this to online shopping.

My whole shopping experience with Empire Music has always been great! I have no complaints at all.

Had forgotten my password & requested it but never received email. Also, never received confirmation email after my online purchase.

As an experienced music teacher, I recommend Empire Music to other music teachers all the time. Great service, great prices. I appreciate your reliability.

Because of purchasing rules within our school board, I am only allowed to purchase certain products from certain vendors. It is important to make sure you apply to be part of this list so that I can continue to order through Empire Music.

Empire Music is one of our suppliers who give exceptional customer service. Any questions or concerns are dealt with in a friendly and courteous manner. Orders are delivered when they are expected to arrive.

No complaints. We always look forward to reading your catalogue.

I like the promptness of service, prices and variety.

Keep up the good work!

I make a point to tell my music families that I get my instruments from Empire music. I especially like to tell them about the free shipping around Christmas time!

Great service, and we have enjoyed experimenting with some of your unique percussion instruments.

I was very pleased with the discount sales offered recently. I bought a xylophone that I am very happy with, and it arrived fast! Wish that more of your items were in stock.

I have been using Empire Music for quite some time. I love your selection, and the quality of your products is quite good (especially given your often comparable or cheaper prices!)

I love Empire Music. I have been dealing with them since 1977. When I’m told I should order from St. Johns music in Calgary, I say no way. Empire is better. Keep up the good work. I’m semi retired and unlikely to do much more ordering, but I always recommend Empire to friends and colleagues.

It’s nice to know there are still family businesses around. Thank you

I have been very happy with your selection and customer service and your development of local talent especially in the area of music writing and teaching materials. Although I am not teaching any students right now, whenever there are kids (and adults!) over to our house they will often pick up one our Orff or rhythm instruments :)

We have always been happy with the instruments and the fast shipping from Empire. When buying in bulk, it would be great if there could be a bit more of a discount.

Only thing, is I found the egg shakers are cheaper to get at Best Buy in North Van, than Empire. Otherwise, the Empire pricing is pretty good.

I love shopping at Empire. fast service, free delivery and lots to choose from. I already recommended the drums that were on sale to my boss and the place i work now has a drumming circle and the clients and staff love it.

I was surprised with the ease at which it was possible to talk to someone when there was something broken on one of purchases and there was no problem sending me a replacement. I recommend Empire Music all the time based on this excellent customer service!

I have always been happy with the products, prices, and service. I have recommended Empire Music to a number of people in the past few years.

Thanks to all your fabulous staff for simply outstanding services over all the many years I have been doing business with Empire!

I bought a ukulele that was had some problems with the frets. While I have to admit that I would have preferred if the defects were noticed before shipping, I appreciated the fact that I could send it back at no cost to me and after a couple of tries was able to get an instrument that made the grade.

I really appreciate instruments choice, free and fast delivery, easy way to return some products and user friendly website

Thank you for your excellent variety of instruments for preschoolers that are reasonably priced! You are my go to resource.

Most recent order (May 2013) web page and catalogue did not match in pricing or in content. Could not get some materials from catalogue, and even though the catalogue is good until August 2013, prices for hand drums were more expensive on web page that district purchaser used. It would be good if they stayed the same.

We just love the selection from your flyers / website. Your prices are great! The quality of your products outstanding! We love the fast delivery too!

Delivery is very quick! Free shipping is a huge incentive to purchase from you and your sales have been awesome.

We always refer to Empire Music when clients and workshop participants inquire about obtaining instruments and related equipment & keep copies of the catalogue on the literature table.

I’ve ordered auxiliary percussion, recorders and teacher resource books from Empire music in the past, having always been pleased with your service and products.

I have found the coloured circular Soundshapes (in the rhythm party pack) to not have the greatest durability. They are a really cool product, but the colour chipped off quickly from the rims. They will sound fine but look tattered.

The products have always been great and I have used them for more years than I can remember! However I find the online catalogue cumbersome. Once I’m in the early childhood section and choose percusion, for example, I have to go back a lot to see another early childhood group.

The most important thing to me is the variety of quality instruments available and your superior delivery service. I purchase your handbells for my Christmas cracker line of products. All of my customers have been very satisfied with the bells and I have received several comments on the quality of them. The other important item to me is the availability of handbell music for the full variety of handbell ranges. I am going to try other small instruments which might fit into my holiday crackers this year so that I can make more musical alternatives available to my customers.Thanks for your amazing product selection,

Thank you for the great customer service and prompt shipment of instruments. This is very much appreciated!

To have an updated pdf version of a catalog online would be very appreciated; I am not sure if order online option is still available. It would be appreciated if at least once a week the working hours were beyond 9-4 as, if working fulltime 9-5 shifts, customers may not have an opportunity to phone and make orders during those hours.

I have bought instruments from Empire for many years, for schools in Saskatchewan and Surrey, and for my own use. My published books also used to be sold through your catalogue. I have always had excellent service from the staff at Empire.

Great products, great free shipping, I do find some of the products expensive but I know they are the same cost anywhere. Love that you have Music Therapy products.

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